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Gold Backed IRA Guide & Company Reviews

Are you worried about the US economy? Do you worry about what will happen to the economy in 2021, 2022 and beyond? Welcome to the Gold IRA Comparison website, here you will find helpful resources and information on the process of investing in precious metals and what to look for when choosing a Gold IRA company.

In 2014, millions lost large portions of their retirement fund investments due to imbalances in the US economy. To safeguard against market volatility, precious metals don’t rely on one economy alone, and gives your investment an extra layer of security compared to traditional stocks. Time and time again, precious metals have proven to yield great returns on longer-term investments.

Why Invest In Precious Metals?

goldbarAs the US economy is currently experiencing volatility, many people are now choosing to put their money into precious metals. These type of investments have shown worldwide stability and great returns when compared to other riskier investments. If retirement fund investments go wrong, the results are often catastrophic. This is why we believe that it is paramount that you invest your money wisely.

Gold and other precious metals are limited in their quantity. Unlike currency where the money is printed, physical gold can’t be manufactured. Due to the limited amounts of these precious metals, great returns are often achieved.

Gold IRA Guide

If you are worried about the devaluation of the dollar, and are looking to put more than 1/3 of your fund into gold, you are not alone. When looking for a company to manage these precious metal investments with, it can be daunting. Who should you trust? Many companies in the industry have a bad reputation, which is why we have compiled this detailed guide which will help you decide.

When choosing a gold IRA rollover company, it is important to note that some companies have had complaints filed against them with consumer watchdog companies, such as the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance. Many of these complaints are difficult to find, as some companies try to do everything in their power to hide them. Read on to find out what questions you need to ask yourself when looking for a gold IRA company.

Questions To Consider For Gold IRA Companies

What Are The IRA Setup Fees and Storage Fees?

Be careful when speaking to Gold IRA companies. Make sure that you are clear of the storage and setup fees involved with your Individual Retirement Account. Some will charge you extra to store your gold in the first year, as well as charging you admin fees for various other things. It is also worth noting that some Gold IRA companies increase their fees as your portfolio size increases. Below we will show you how to avoid paying these extortionate fees.

Choosing Coins or Gold Bullion?

Deciding on whether to invest into bullion or coins is an important decision. There are advantages to both options. Buying bullion is often cheaper per gram, but certain gold and silver coins can become collectibles and hold more value due to their rarity.

Some Gold IRA companies will try to convince you to invest into just one type of gold or silver (e.g. one specific type of gold coin). You should be aware that this is a common tactic that some of the less reputable companies’ sales people use, in order to make higher commissions. This really shows that they do not have your best interests at heart.

Buyback Program?

A buyback program is a vital thing to look for when deciding on a Gold IRA company. Why is this the case? A buyback program makes it much easier if you are looking to offload some of your investment to fund your retirement (increments or bulk sale) or if you need to liquidate cash quickly e.g. a family emergency. It is important to choose a company that has your best interests in mind and is not looking for a quick profit.

Decisions and Drawbacks?

As a review website we have received some complaints from customers regarding certain gold IRA companies. These complaints have shown us that choosing the wrong gold IRA company could potentially end up costing you thousands of dollars. However, choosing the right one will end up saving you thousands of dollars. Another drawback you should watch out for is that some firms will end up taking anywhere between 1 to 3 months to deliver your investment, whether it be to you personally or to a depository for your security.

Top Gold Company Complaints

Here are the top complaints that we have found when looking through review and complaint websites for gold IRA companies.

1. Misleading sales people. Many people say that they were misled by sales people who were looking for a quick commission. Many ended up investing and losing money as a result of this dishonesty. E.g. investing into a particular type of coin that was over-priced.

complaints2. Pushy sales representatives. Many complained that they felt as if they were being pestered and pressured to act immediately. It is important to make the right decision and pushing customers into making quick decisions is unethical.

3. Hidden fees. The third largest number of complaints that we found were related to hidden fees. Many customers were charged hidden fees that they had not been made aware of, reducing the money they thought they had to invest. This is why we recommend choosing a company that offers 100% transparency and honesty, informing you of any and all costs up front.

Which Company Do We Recommend?

We’ve outlined the various problems with choosing a good Gold IRA company and by now you can see the importance of choosing the right one. We have done our due diligence and have taken every aspect into account. Our research has deduced that American Bullion is the best Gold IRA company out there today and here’s why:

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American Bullion currently have 0 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last two years, whilst many other Gold IRA companies have at least 50 complaints filed against them. What does this mean? It shows American Bullion’s integrity and honesty. With over 35 different 5 star reviews from TrustLink (a consumer review website, ) it also shows that many people love using American Bullion and consider them to be the best gold IRA company. America Bullion also offers a great, simple IRA rollover service too. They are known to honestly answer ALL of the questions that you might have. They are known to never use pushy sales tactics and to always put the customer first.

American Bullion also believes in delivering a very personal service tailored specifically to an individuals’ needs, which is why they provide you with a dedicated account representative who will answer all of your calls and emails when you sign up. This means that you won’t have to repeat yourself to many different people, saving you both time and confusion. Overall, we give America Bullion our AAA rating for 2017.

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Key Features of American Bullion Above Competitors

Guaranteed 72 Hour Dispatch

American Bullion will always dispatch your precious metals within 72 hours of the payment confirmation (when using wire transfer.) What’s more, in case your shipment does not arrive, or you notice there’s something wrong with your order within the first 5 days of receipt, American Bullion will immediately bear all the risks and responsibility. Some other companies can take up to 3 months to deliver your precious metals.

Best Fee & Storage Structure

safeAmerican Bullion uses FedEx or US Postal Service to ship your precious metals. All shipments are also insured on behalf of the company until handed over to the recipient – be that you or the IRA. Here is some information about their insurance process:
“All precious metals ordered through American Bullion are insured for their value while in transit. If you are purchasing gold directly, it will be insured up until the point where you sign for the package. If you are purchasing gold for an IRA, it will be insured while in transit to the Delaware Depository. Once the depository signs for the package, it will then be insured under their policy.”

American Bullion are looking to provide the highest level of service and security – that’s why they only work with the Delaware Depository for storage and handling. If you are looking to store your gold in a secure location, American only charge a flat fee of $160/year whereas most competitors charge $225/year. This may only be a $65/year saving but over the next few years it will add up. Another advantage of using American Bullion is that your precious metals will be segregated from other valuables, something that is not only safer but offers you better peace of mind too.

Flat Administration Fees Not Scaling

Amercian Bullion only charge a flat $250/year administration fee, some companies will charge a percentage of the total investment, as your gold price rises, so could your fees.

Fastest Processing Times

American Bullion mainly operates electronically, meaning that you don’t have to physically sign documents by hand. Not only does this save time and effort, it means that you can purchase your precious metals faster than with other companies. When transferring funds from a custodian it is usually taken care of within 48 hours. If you wish to do things by hand, that option is also made available to you.

American Bullion’s Reputation

Business Consumer Alliance

American Bullion was rated AAA as one of the most credible companies in the Gold IRA industry by the Business Consumer Alliance in 2017. This shows creditability as American is a popular choice for many.

Better Business Bureau

bbb-a-plusRated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, American stand out among other companies here, with 0 complaints filed within the last 2 years.

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The Next Step? Request a Complimentary Gold Kit

Still have questions? We recommend requesting a complimentary gold kit from American Bullion. It’s a simple and great way to get started, American will contact you over the phone to arrange the shipping of your information pack and will take care of any unanswered questions you may have.
The information pack holds valuable information regarding the precious metals market and the process of investing. All you have to do is click the button below to get started. Just remember, the American Bullion sales representatives are not pushy and will treat you as a real person. This is a great way to get started and there is no obligation.

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