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Morgan Gold Company Review


Due to the fact that the dollar is weakening and the economy is currently experiencing instability, many are choosing to invest their money into precious metals such as gold and silver. Many are also choosing to invest their 401(k) or other fund into precious metals as a safeguard against any future trouble with the US economy and the value of the dollar.
As gold and silver are traded worldwide, it shows greater stability as it does not rely on a specific countries economy alone. Morgan Gold is a Gold IRA company, which means it helps customers invest their money into precious metals. They say they provide honest, expert advice when choosing to invest in precious metals. We have researched and reviewed the company to uncover more information about them for you to read below.

Business Consumer Alliance

Total: 6 complaints

There have been 2 complaints filed against Morgan Gold within the last 3 years. Whilst reading these complaints we discovered that some serious accusations have been made against Morgan Gold, some of which claimed that they have kept money that didn’t belong to them.

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) is a consumer watchdog that monitors and receives complaints surrounding companies in California. Here you can find honest reviews of companies as well as company responses to complaints that help shed light on the situation.

Here is a serious complaint that we found with the BCA:

“Morgan Gold obtained possession of my money through fraud, trick, or device with preconceived design or intent to appropriate, convert, or steal, which is larceny. Morgan Gold solicited my business by fraudulently misrepresenting their intent with a preconceived design to charge me thousands of dollars taken out of my account with the specific intent to appropriate that money for their own use.”

This complaint was resolved, but it goes to show that the same thing could happen to you if you chose to invest with Morgan Gold. When investing a large amount of money into precious metals, it is very important to choose the right company as it can end up saving you thousands in the long run. It will also give you peace of mind.

We found another complaint regarding a customer who had invested $30,000 in gold. He later found out that Morgan Gold only invested $19,200 of his money into actual gold. The customer then tried for 2 years to receive a full refund. At the time of writing this, we are not sure whether the customer ever received his refund. Even if he did, he had been over $10,000 out of pocket for over 2 years.

Better Business Bureau

Morgan Gold  BBB
3 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Morgan Gold is no longer BBB accredited. This means that although they are still listed with the Better Business Bureau, they are no longer accredited. This means that they don’t stand up to the highest reputation of Gold IRA companies that the BBB demands.

Morgan Gold currently holds a C Rating. We feel that this is a good indicator of how the company must operate. The Better Business Bureau don’t hand out C ratings unless something is seriously wrong.

We were able to read one of the complaints filed with the BBB against Morgan Gold. It stated that a couple wanted to invest their $50,000 retirement fund into precious metals. Morgan Gold took on the account. After some time the couple realised that not all of the money was in their account. They contacted the company and were told that not all of their money had been invested into precious metals yet, so they were told to wait. They had further problems reaching their account representative and after many months didn’t have any explanation regarding why their money hadn’t been invested. The Better Business Bureau page for this complaint shows that the company failed to respond to this complaint.

The Final Thought

From what we have read, we feel that Morgan Gold don’t have a great online reputation. When choosing a Gold IRA company it is very important to choose the right one as it will save both time and money. When reading complaints about the company it should always be in the back of your mind that this could happen to you. If it did, what would you do?


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