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There is one company that stands above the rest, holding the best reputation in the industry, with competitive pricing, 50 years of combined experience in precious metals investing and second to none customer service. That company is Regal Assets.

Better Business Bureau

Birch Gold Group BBB
0 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013
The BBB is a well trusted website that provides reliable ratings and reviews on companies and businesses in the USA and Canada. Set up in 1912, the BBB has accumulated over a centuries worth of information of thousands of companies.
Regal Assets is accredited with the BBB and holds their highest A+ rating. This proves that Regal Assets is a well-trusted company with a great reputation in the gold and silver industry.

Trust Link
Regal Assets also has a high Trust Link Rating. Trust Link Reviews is a consumer based online review and complaint site. Anyone with an internet connection can log in and review a company in a positive or negative light. Regal Assets has a rating of four out of five stars, making it one of the best-reviewed businesses on the site.

Key Features of Regal Assets

1. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Regal Assets an A+ rating and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) has given them their highest AAA rating.
2. They hold over 233 5/5 star customer reviews on Trustlink.
3. Inc. Magazine rated Regal Assets as #20 in the USA for financial services.
4. Regal prides itself on having the fastest shipping process of all Gold IRA providers, promising that customers will receive their precious metals within 7 days – however, if for some reason they’re unable to deliver the precious metals within 7 days, Regal will give customers a FREE Silver American Eagle.
5. They provide the safest storage with the smallest fee – storage and admin fees with Regal are at least $500 less than other companies.
6. Each retirement account is charged $250 a year, no matter how large the account – this is significantly smaller than all other companies.

How Are The Customers Treated?

Customers are Regal Assets’ priority. No other company provides such excellent customer service. This high standard of customer service comes as a result of Regal having a rigorous hiring process. All salespeople are experts in advising customers on what type of investment is best for them. The salespeople aren’t concerned with commissions nor promotions, only on providing the best possible service.

How Do They Stack Up?

Regal Assets’ experts are able to help you invest in gold or create a gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA). They’re a highly respected company who’s customers can’t praise them enough. Thousands of people have endorsed Regal Assets and used their investing strategy. These thousands of customers have been investing over several decades, making regal one of the most experienced companies out there.
There is minimal risk associated with investing in precious metals – this has been proven by the stability of the gold market, the price of which only continues to rise. Using Regal Assets will give you all of the advice, assistance and tools you need to be able to invest, regardless of how experienced or familiar you are with the precious metal marker.

About Regal Assets

With experience of the precious metals industry spanning over half a century, the Regal Assets team really are experts in giving advice to consumers. If you’re interested in buying or selling different types of gold, want advice on how to set up a gold IRA, or are just curious about what investing in the precious metal industries entails, Regal will have specialists happy to help you.
Regal Assets BBB Rating
No other company values their customers as highly as Regal Assets does. They will always take the time to educate their customers on exactly how to invest in the precious metals industry and ensure that all customers are full aware of what they’re investing in. This, along with guaranteeing fully insured delivery of precious metals within one week, make Regal a truly exceptional company.

Online Friendly

Regal Assets’ understand how many people believe that the internet is a much more convenient way of being able to purchase items. They understand that in this day and age, many people are unavailable to visit or contact Regal Assets during their opening hours due to other commitments, such as work. This is why Regal have made it extremely simple to purchase precious metals through it’s website. They have specially designed a website that’s easy to navigate and purchase from, which is constantly updated with real-time prices and news articles on the company to keep all of it’s customers up to date with exactly what’s going on. They also release frequent newsletters so their customers are fully aware of any changes, updates and improvements to their website and policies.

Regal Assets Are Trusted

Regal Assets is full of extremely committed experts with an abundance of experience that are able to full fill any investment needs. Their staff are available to offer advise, answer to any queries, report on any changes in the precious metals market or help you to place an investment order. Their honest approach has made Regal the most trustworthy company in the precious metals industry and is what has allowed Regal to become the huge success that it is today.

To The Highest Standard

Regal promises to provide excellent service no matter what your needs. They continues to updates their policies, procedures and products to ensure customers are given the best and most satisfying service possible. Their ability to complete trade in all wholesale markets means Regal is able to offer the most competitive prices – they are dedicated to providing you with the precious metal that you want for a price that you’re happy to pay. They are so committed to offering the most competitive pricing that they welcome you to compare their prices with that of their competitors, with a guarantee that they will always be the cheapest.

Quality Gold Guaranteed

Bullion gold coins are produced specifically for investment only. Regal Assets only acquire gold coins that are commonly traded and sought after in order to provide their customers with the best possible product. All products offered by Regal Assets are internationally recognised, allowing you to trade them in any market in the world. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re invested in the best and most sought after gold possible.


Operating Hours

The Account Executives at Regal Assets are available Monday-Friday, from 7am to 6pm PST.

Request a Complimentary Gold Kit

Still have questions? We recommend requesting a complimentary gold kit from Regal Assets. It’s a simple and great way to get started, upon filling out the form below, Regal will contact you over the phone to arrange shipping of your information pack and will take care of any questions you may have.

The information pack holds valuable information regarding the precious metals market and investing from a retirement fund. All you have to do is fill in your details below and click the “Send My Free Gold Guide” button. Regal will contact you shortly after, usually a few hours later depending on what time you fill out the form. Just remember, the Regal sales representatives are not pushy and will treat you as a real person and not just another sales commission. This is a great way to get started and there is no obligation.



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